What To Pack In Your Bali Suitcase

You’ve booked your flight tickets and secured a kickass villa complete with it’s own pool, outdoor shower and in-house chef (YAY, you!). Now it’s time to think about how you’ll be spending your days and night in the Island of the Gods. If anything, the three words you should be aiming for to describe your upcoming Bali trip should be: stylish, comfortable and relaxing. Fret not, we have your ultimate packing list to make sure you look and feel your best throughout your vacay. Because it’s Bali, baby!

1 Dress Code

It’s a tropical paradise so you’ll want to pack plenty of swimwear for the days by the pool or beach, light and breezy dresses, tops and shorts to keep you feeling (and looking) cool amidst the heat. But, while short shorts and cropped tops are welcome in most tourist areas, it’s worth noting that locals dress conservatively and if you are planning on visiting temples, shrines and other places of worship, do wear tops that covers shoulders and pants or sarongs that go past the knees.

2 Extra Coverage

Besides the appropriate clothing, it would also be wise to pack along extra coverage to shield you from the blazing sun. While SPF is a given, sunglasses are your next best friend for sunny days ahead. They’re flattering and will hide any visible sins brought on by champagne-induced late nights at the beach club. Also bring along a straw hat – they’re light, look great with whatever beach outfit you throw on, and keeps the sun spots away.

3 Fancy Feet

As with most of Southeast Asia, flip flops and sandals are the standard issue footwear, but while your trusty Havaianas will be welcomed in most places, it’s probably best to slip on a most comfortable and secure pair of sandals if you’re planning on doing lots of walking or hopping onto a motorcycle – which is honestly the best way to see and experience Bali, if you ask us. For the adventurous, pack your hiking shoes if you’re up for a good hike and amazing sights from the top of Mount Batur or Gunung Agung.

4 Sweet Scents

Don’t think that just the scent of sunblock would be enough to perfume your days in the sun: you don’t want the humidity, pollution and sweat to make a mess of your vacay vibes. Plus, what better reason to splurge on a new scent than a vacation? Long after it’s over, you’ll only need to spritz on that special scent to remind you of those sweet memories. For the ladies, we’re loving Fresh beauty’s slim bottles with sweet scents like Sugar Lychee, Sugar Lemon and Fig Apricot to keep us smelling, well, fresh.

5 Read Into It

Don’t let your social media timelines be the only form of content you consume on holiday – feed your mind by packing along a good book to read while you’re in transit, in the plane or while you’re sunbathing and sipping ice cold margaritas. From Lydia Millet, the author of Love in Infant Monkeys (a Pulitzer Prize finalist), comes her latest intellectual fiction Fight No More, a collection of stories that explores the meaning of home through Nina, a real-estate broker whose complex story is woven into others.