Tips to keep your hair healthy and beach ready!

The upside to beach hair is well documented: the sun-kissed highlights and the cool-girl waves that come naturally. But like every upside, there is a downside too. The salty ocean water can leave your tresses parched, while the blazing sun can take a toll on your hair colour. Not that it will stop us from hitting the beach, but heed these savvy tricks that will save your strands and keep it looking healthy and shiny.

  1. In love with that coco

Coconut oil masks are essential for getting your hair beach ready. It’s really as simple as it sounds. Take a generous amount of pure coconut oil, slather your hair in it, wrap it in a towel and leave it on for an hour before washing it off with shampoo. The smell is magical, and your hair will feel like silk after — it’s the perfect summer hair remedy. The vitamins and essential fatty acids naturally found in coconut oil will not only nourish the scalp, it also restores moisture, leaving your hair with a healthy glow.

  1. Go deep

Deep conditioners are great for your hair year-round, but when used as a protectant from the rough seasonal elements they can make an even bigger impact on your hair. After spending the day in the sun, apply a deep conditioning hair treatment for ten minutes before shampooing to help repair any damage and replenish moisture.

  1. When in Doubt, Cover it up.

Hair accessories not only add extra protection from the sun and keep your hair from getting too messy, but they also help your scalp from losing moisture (which results in dry flaky bits!). So when you feel that the weather is a to harsh, protect your head. Staying fashion forward by wearing a beautiful summer hat or colourful scarf may be your best bet. You protect your head and look cute at the same time – win, win!

  1. Keep it loose


Keeping your hair in a tight ponytail can be damaging as they tend to pull and tear hair, especially if your hair is dry from the heat. So let those tresses loose or put it in a messy braid, which will make you look cute and it’s perfect for keeping strands under control and minimizing exposure to the sun too.