How to take Great Pictures on Your Next Beach Holiday

Summer is here and it’s time for a beach holiday! And while you’ve got your bikini all ready, we’ve got some great tips on how to take the best pictures on your next beach holiday!

Tip 1: Get closer to your friends

An awkward group photo is certainly not flattering to frame and remember on your trip. So the best way to get the best group photo is to get close to your friends! What we mean is not being afraid to put your arms around them and give us your best smile. But remember, try to know which angle works best for you and if you’re trying to look the slimmest, make you’re in the middle! 😉

Tip 2: Find good lighting

The key to great photos is definitely good lighting. And the best time to capture those beautiful sun shots are actually early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Anything in between would actually make your photos look highly contrasted and would be harsh in shadows. So choose to take pictures at these specific hours and you’re guaranteed a great shot!

Tip 3: Pick neutral backgrounds

While it’s always nice to have a cool background in your photo remember that it should represent neutral colours especially if you’re planning to show off your new bikini. Earthy tones or one tone backgrounds are a lot cleaner and really help you stand out in the picture. But remember if you’re planning to do one in the sea make sure to watch out for those big waves! 😀

Tip 4: Look into the lens

While many will say it’s unique to look away from the camera, most will acknowledge that a stronger image surfaces when the subject is looking into the lens. This is because the eyes have a magnetic pull for a person and will draw immediate attention to the subject which in this case is you! So if you’re planning on taking a strong image for your next profile picture, go ahead and look at that lens!

We hope you enjoyed these tips and use them for your next holiday! 🙂