How to Find the Perfect Bikini for your Body

So you’ve booked your flights and you’ve found your hotel but have absolutely no idea which bikini would be perfect for your trip. You’ve browsed on countless of websites with plenty of cute swimwear styles but can’t seem to figure out which one will look best on your body! And with so many cuts, colors,

Well don’t worry, as bikini experts we know how hard that can be because each body is unique and different cuts and colors will not always look the same as what you see on a model. In fact, that is exactly why all of our collections have cuts and colors that are catered to various body types – to cater to your body!

So which bikini is going to fit best on you? Read through our guide and let us give you an answer!

1.For broad shoulders

Ladies, be proud of your shoulders because a solid colored suit with printed panels along the side can give an hourglass figure which evens out your square looking upper body. There’s also the string halter bikini top which will definitely give the illusion that your shoulders are not as broad as it seems so keep an eye on those cuts when you’re planning on shopping.

2. For small busts

Anything that has definition to the front of your chest works. So if you see ruffles, tassels and push up bikinis, you know these cuts will help enhance and support your bust better than other cuts. Also when you pick colors with patterns it certainly gives a more fun look to your bikini.

3. For large busts

For the girls with big girls, choose a bikini that will offer you the support you need so you’re not constantly trying to adjust your breasts when you’re out on the beach. Picking straps that are thicker and with solid colors will indeed give you a more defined look so try choosing one that is solid but with a little bit of pattern.

4. For big hips

One piece swimsuits are definitely great for those with large hips. This is because it embraces a woman’s body in full and can create the hourglass shape. If you have big hips with small bust, look for a swimsuit that has a little detailing on the bust area and for the opposite remember to pick one that will support your girls!

5. For small hips

This is another time when frills and strings come in handy with bright colors and loud prints to try and distract from a flatter bum. Also, smaller cut bottoms can definitely do the trick as oppose to fully covered bottoms.